Our Ethos

We understand how big a decision this is for you …

If you have been diagnosed with any of the conditions that we treat, then we recommend giving us a call to book a consultation. Take your time to find out more about your particular condition and the treatments that we provide. Then, when you’re ready simply get in touch.


We would like to meet you to discuss what your options are regarding treatments. The initial consultation can take a couple of hours (less in some cases) if you are considering refractive surgery. Drops may be instilled in your eyes which may blur your vision for one or two hours. Therefore we recommend that you do NOT drive for the initial consultation

It’s important that you understand both the benefits and risks of your recommended treatment before making a decision. So this is your opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns that you may have about the procedure.

“My cataract surgery was a great success and has given me greatly improved vision.  Mr Subramaniam gave clear and precise information and most importantly made me feel confident in the decision to proceed. I am delighted with the outcome. Many thanks

Mr Richard Tenant


We’ll make sure you have all the necessary facts and have the time to make an informed decision. All of our surgical procedures allow you to be in and out of hospital on the same day.


Recovery after cataract surgery can be swift, and usually you can expect to return to normal activities within a few days.

Mr Subramaniam has an excellent reputation and this is why I chose him for my surgery.  I had cataract extraction which was very successful.  I was treated very well from my first appointment to completion.



After your operation we’d like to see you again the following day or within the next few days just to check everything is progressing satisfactorily.

Mr Subramaniam came highly reccommended!  I have had Multi Focal Lens implants and now I have excellent vision without having to wear glasses.I had superb treatment and service from all at Nottingham Ophthalmology.